Pine Cobble School Employment Opportunities

Math Teacher

Pine Cobble School, an independent school for Pre-K through 9 in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, seeks a math teacher for grades 6-9, beginning in the 2017-18 school year.

This job is for you if:

  • You’re a terrific teacher. You’re positive, upbeat, collaborative, and you have that special sauce that engages and inspires students to work hard, believe in themselves, and achieve more.

  • You’re excited about math, and you can’t wait to share this excitement with students. You know that the language of the universe is written in mathematics. You understand that if you look at anything closely enough — art, trees, air, insects, a blade of grass — you’ll find math. You agree with Bertrand Russell that mathematics “possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.” You see that beauty, and you want others to, as well.

  • You’re aspirational. You set big, lofty goals for yourself and for your students, and you’re always looking for ways to up your own game.

  • You’re willing to get in the trenches. You understand that making progress in mathematics takes not only hard work and good habits on the part of a student…it also requires patience, purpose, and day-in/day-out passion on the part of a teacher.

  • You believe in community. You know that a good education requires many partners working together constructively. You’re eager to collaborate and learn from colleagues, and you’re as excited to share ideas with colleagues as you are about working with students.  

  • You work toward justice and equity in your classroom. You understand that mathematics, like any other subject, offers opportunities to examine biases and marginalization. You’re ready to examine and discuss these issues, and you strive to create just, equitable, and inclusive classrooms.

  • You have a proven track record of doing hard things. You know how to plan exhaustively, collaborate with others, persevere, and stay positive.

  • You have ideas for making use of our 20+ acre campus. Pine Cobble has a stunning campus with fields, a frog pond, garden, old-growth trees, and even a Tiffany fountain. You’re brimming with ideas for how to use this campus in classroom activities.

  • You’re eager to connect mathematics to the local region. Want to take students on field trips to nearby art museums to show math’s relevance to Sol LeWitt wall drawings or Louise Bourgeois sculptures? Want to bring college professors to campus to explain big ideas like P vs. NP, or fractal geometry? We want you to do all of these things and more.

  • You have a wide range of interests. While mathematics will be your primary activity, you’re also eager to jump into other activities, like coaching, running an after-school club, or organizing special events on campus.

This sound like you? Then join Pine Cobble’s team. We value interdisciplinary learning, real-world projects, collaboration, critical thinking, and all-around awesomeness. Please supply a resume, cover letter and two references to Christy at hr@pinecobble.org by July 7th.

Assistant Head of School

Pine Cobble School, an independent school in Williamstown, Massachusetts, seeks an assistant head of school beginning in the 2017-18 school year. Our ideal candidate is in equal parts Minerva McGonagall from Hogwarts, Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, and Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince. In other words, we’re looking for someone who is wise, capable, and insightful; able to bring the world to life in new ways; and dedicated to recognizing, protecting, and nurturing beauty and goodness. A touch of magic doesn’t hurt, either.

This individual will play a major role in the day-to-day life of faculty and students, while working toward a longer-term vision. Working closely with the head of school and the dean of teaching and learning, the assistant head of school will:

  • Set a positive tone, ensuring smooth functioning of the school while maintaining a friendly, supportive, and constructive atmosphere for all.

  • Identify new ways of creating a just, inclusive, and equitable school community.  

  • Strengthen ties between all stakeholders and serve as a primary contact for families, including during school events (back-to-school events, parents’ night, conferences, parent previews, and more) and on an as-needed basis.

  • Deepen learning by overseeing co-curricular and extracurricular programming — electives, field trips, capstone projects, visiting lectures, assemblies, student-led conferences, beyond-the classroom experiences, and special community days (including science day, math day, and language day).

  • Bring out students’ best by developing and implementing a thoughtful, scaffolded leadership training program for students and by integrating our character education program in age-appropriate and age-resonant ways.

  • Maintain the highest teaching standards; oversee professional development; provide regular feedback to faculty throughout the year, with bi-annual written evaluations.

  • Manage the nitty-gritty; set agendas for all faculty meetings and conferences, and manage scheduling, faculty responsibilities, advisor program, and classroom budgets.

  • Make forward-thinking decisions around both space use and thoughtful, purposeful technology use.

  • Ensure optimal student engagement, by making regular classroom visits and providing faculty support as needed.

  • Ensure that school rules and expectations are clear, consistent, and just. Serve as students’ and parents’ primary contact for all discipline-related issues.

  • Assist in running our summer programs.

  • Teach at least one class.

  • Be involved with special project work, including long range planning; accreditation process; recruitment/ development work; board committee and initiatives.

  • Assist the head of school in internal and external matters; represent the Head of School when necessary at meetings and events.


This job is for you if you:

  • Have robust leadership experience in a student-centered educational environment — ideally in an entrepreneurial setting where students, teachers, and administrators are encouraged to think outside the box.

  • Have a proven track record and outstanding written and verbal communication skills.    

  • Feel a strong personal alignment with Pine Cobble School’s mission and core values, as well as a deep commitment to social/emotional learning.

  • Can work with children across all ages; experience with adolescents strongly preferred.

  • Work brilliantly with a variety of stakeholders — children of all ages, families, faculty, administrators, board members, and community stakeholders.

  • Are committed to justice, inclusiveness, and equity in all aspects of school life and the world at large.

  • Are honest and ethical with a deep sense of personal integrity.

  • Are fearless about jumping in wherever you’re needed.

Advanced degree preferred. A commitment to equity and justice, and to amplifying historically marginalized voices, a must. Please send a resume, cover letter, and statement of purpose to Christy Richardson at hr@pinecobble.org by or before June 18th. References will be required.


Dean of Teaching and Learning

Pine Cobble School seeks a Dean of Teaching and Learning beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. This individual will oversee all aspects of curriculum design and implementation, strategic use of data, and curriculum mapping across subject areas from year-to-year. This individual, through experience and observation, should know how to provide classroom experiences (early childhood, elementary, and middle school)  that are meaningful, engaging, and differentiated.

The dean of teaching and learning will:

  • Lead faculty in defining and achieving educational outcomes that are driven not only by short-term data, but also by longer-term vision and purpose.

  • Oversee and guide professional development and coaching for individual faculty members based on specific goals.

  • Lead Pine Cobble’s efforts to differentiate instruction and assess educational outcomes in a way that centers the student experience and makes learning meaningful.

  • Create faculty and student schedules that provide maximum time for hands-on interdisciplinary learning.

  • Identify new ways of making sure the curriculum at every level is inclusive, just, and equitable, and that honors traditionally marginalized voices.

  • Teach at least one class.

This job is for you if:

You’re the whole package: You’re a teacher withat least five years’ classroom experience; an administrator with a proven track record; and a thoughtful, ethical human being who knows that serious learning can be seriously fun.

You can talk the talk. You understand best practices, including current research in teaching, learning, and professional development. You can take grand ideas and translate them into action. You’re willing to experiment, and you also know how to evaluate the evidence for anything you do.

You also walk the walk. You routinely push yourself out of your comfort zone. You adore learning new things. You’re curious and committed, engaged and ethical. You’re a living, breathing embodiment of growth-mindset and grit, of thinking critically and living fully.

You are all-in. You’ll give everything you have to providing children with an education that’s joyful, intellectually robust, interdisciplinary, experiential, multicultural, and child-centered. You’ll get in the trenches when that’s what’s needed, but you’re also able to back out and take the long view.

You see potential everywhere. Where others see challenge, you zero in on the solutions. Where others hear “can’t,” you find the “can.”

You like people. You get along with parents and teachers, toddlers and adolescents. You’re a great public speaker, and you know how to set a tone that’s as warm as it is professional.        

You love hats. You’ll wear a lot of them here.    

Advanced degree preferred. Please send a resume, cover letter, and statement of purpose to Christy Richardson at hr@pinecobble.org by or before June 18th. References will be required. Pine Cobble School has set as a strategic priority amplifying historically marginalized voices in the classroom and ensuring that all intellectual inquiry both reflects and promotes broad perspectives and cultures; candidates who are committed to equity and justice are especially encouraged to apply.


Nutrition Coordinator/Sous Chef

Let’s face it: every school claims to have a nutritious school lunch program. At Pine Cobble School, we take our claims one step further: we’d put our lunches toe-to-toe with the healthiest school lunches in the country. But we want to go further, by integrating wholesome foods into the curriculum itself. We want you to help.  

Every lunch period,  Pine Cobble School students dine family-style in mixed age groups. We offer students made-from-scratch hot meals, with robust salad bar offerings, fruit, and milk. Now we want to bring nutrition and wellness into the curriculum, through classroom activities related to cooking, healthy eating, and an expansion to a garden-to-table program.

We’re looking for a Sous Chef who can also coordinate nutritional programming for students. This job is for you if you:

  • Are dynamic, mission-driven, efficient, and great at multitasking.

  • Can whip up delicious meals for up to 80 children/adults (and sometimes more) daily, using wholesome, whole, ingredients…all while keeping a sense of humor.

  • Possess cooking, planning, and budgeting skills.

  • Can design and teach age-appropriate food education in collaboration with some of the most dynamic teachers you’ll find anywhere.

  • Adore kids, connect well with them, and are excited to make a lifelong impact on their well-being by helping them value healthful foods.

  • Have entrepreneurial leanings, are capable of envisioning all that our food program can be…and are willing to put in the work to get us there.

  • Know that whole foods are about so much more than simply filling bellies; indeed, healthful meals are an extension of your vision for a better world.

We have a newly-renovated kitchen; that’s where you’ll prepare and make the meals, help serve them, and get the kitchen cleaned up and ready for the next day. You’ll also plan and prepare food for special events throughout the year, and be a positive, contributing member of the Pine Cobble School community. If you are interested, please submit your cover letter and resume to Christy Richardson at hr@pinecobble.org, by June 18, 2017.


Pine Cobble School is an independent day school, Pre-K through 9, in Williamstown, Massachusetts. We offer an outstanding education, and we actively foster creativity, curiosity, hard work, community, and laughter. We have a 20+ acre campus, weekly skiing/skating in winter, and a healthy lunch program that you’ll have to see to believe.

Pine Cobble School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not and will not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.
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