Early Childhood

Early Childhood Division / Beginners, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

Learning is a natural activity for young children. Pine Cobble School provides a supportive, engaging, and often enchanting early childhood environment that capitalizes on our youngest students’ enthusiasm for discovery.

A child’s first school experience is critical. During the years that span our early childhood program – from 2 years 9 months through kindergarten – children make spectacular leaps and demonstrate remarkable, even mind-boggling, growth.

These are the years when children learn to make a successful transition between home and school. They learn to be independent, to use language in constructive ways, to cooperate, to share, to take turns. They learn the building blocks of all the future years of their education:  to recognize patterns, to observe and explore the world around them, to ask questions, to listen carefully. They learn the magic of books, of imagination, of creativity and self-expression. They go from learning simple motor skills, like hopping and jumping, to complex ones, like gliding across the ice on two narrow blades.

They make friends. They learn to trust teachers. They learn that kindness matters in the world.

At Pine Cobble, our early childhood education educators are here to guide them as they make these extraordinary leaps. Our early childhood faculty aren’t simply good; they are genuinely gifted. With enthusiasm, energy, and a great dose of humor, these teachers foster a developmentally appropriate environment that encourages play, exploration, creativity, imagination, and learning.

Their approach is child-centered, highly individualized, and engaging: children  make cross-curricular connections in a manner that is joyful and utterly without pressure.


  • Curriculum is wholly engaging; teachers are gifted at using children’s specific interests as a gateway to learning.
  • Excellent classroom teachers are supported by specialists in Spanish, library, science, physical education, music, and art.
  • Rather than being compartmentalized, all teachers coordinate daily to make sure that lessons are reinforced in multiple ways. This approach enriches the learning environment, allows children to apply knowledge in new ways, and ensures that their newfound insights are connected in a meaningful way to the world around them.
  • Program builds strong partnerships between the school, children and families. Parents are encouraged to participate in the classroom by reading stories, helping with cooking projects and other classroom activities, sharing unique interests and skills, or simply playing with the children.
  • Ongoing communication between home and school makes the transition seamless for young learners.
  • Stimulating environment incorporates developmentally appropriate materials and interactive stations that encourage play, exploration, creativity, imagination, and a range of cognitive, social, and motor skills.
  • We don’t just nurture young children’s minds; we also help them make good choices, inside the classroom, and out. Here, our youngest children learn the importance of being a good friend, a respectful classmate, and an important member of the school family.
  • Attention is highly individualized; regardless of your child’s learning approach and needs, he or she will be encouraged in a way that respects him/her as an individual.
  • Each classroom is a safe and nurturing environment, and children feel valued and empowered to take new risks in learning.
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