Overview of Academics at Pine Cobble

Pine Cobble has four academic divisions – Early Childhood (age 2.9 – Kindergarten), Lower School (grades 1-3), Intermediate School (grades 4-6), and Upper School (grades 7-9). Every three years, students are leaders within their own division.

Regardless of your child’s age, at Pine Cobble, he/she will be encouraged to meet challenges, strive for personal success, take risks outside of his/her comfort zone, and recognize his/her own strengths and learning styles. For all grades, we offer small classes a student-teacher ratio that beats most college seminars, individual attention, devoted and expert faculty, hands-on discovery, cross-curricular connections, and a supportive and respectful atmosphere. Contributing to a collective good is an intrinsic part of the curriculum at all levels.

Our students have been recognized as academic leaders throughout the region, the state, and the nation. Consider:

  • For six years running, our fifth grade students have been recognized from among thousands in the highly competitive state-wide Letters About Literature competition, ranking them in the top 5% — and even the top 1% of young writers in Massachusetts.
  • Our Future Problem Solvers’ team has been invited to the highly competitive international FPS championship conference on multiple occasions, and has placed both first and second in the State Bowl.
  • Our Latin Students score exceptionally well on the National Latin Exam, and for the past several years, some students have even earned perfect scores. Even while competing against a self-selected group of much older students, a majority of our students are national award winners.
  • Our Lego Robotics team has earned multiple awards in the Berkshire Lego Robotics league.
  • A third grade student won the grand prize in the Kids’ Science Challenge, a national science competition organized by NPR’s Pulse of the Planet, for her idea of creating a musical instrument from water bottles, cans and tubes. She was flown to California, where she worked alongside a scientist/musician to bring her project to life.
  • Our Upper School students have earned honors in the Dorothy Sarnoff speaking competition for several years running.

Those are just a few examples. Equally important is the fact that our students love learning, that they know how to learn, that our hallways are filled with the sounds of students who are excited about the world around them.

Pine Cobble is small enough to pay attention to details, teach to the individual and foster a sense of independence in our students. Yet we are large enough for each student to find his or her voice and acquire confidence among supportive peers. Our motto, Nosce Te Ipsum, Know Thyself, underlies our philosophy that the key to achievement in all areas of life is understanding how one learns, what one needs to succeeds, and where one fits in a community.

Here, your child will get a strong academic foundation. More than that, your child will come to know him/herself as a scholar, an athlete, an artist, a communicator, a community member, and a friend.

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