Pine Cobble believes in the arts. Through art, our students express themselves, communicate ideas, observe closely, integrate new ideas, and nurture an open mind. The arts inspire wonder, offer solace, and teach children to problem-solve, take risks, and engage fully – with the mind, body, and spirit. That’s why music and visual arts are integrated into our curricula at every grade level, with students participating in some form of the arts at least four times weekly.

Pine Cobble students experience visual art through drawing, painting, sculpture, sewing, music, ceramics, theatre, and more. In each of these endeavors, it’s the process, not necessarily, the product, that matters most. While students certainly do create beauty and express themselves in novel ways, we especially value the process of creation – learning a technique, developing a vision, engaging their whole mind and body, and executing a thoughtful, multi-step plan that blends imagination, patience, risk, and skill.

Pine Cobble is fortunate to have proximity to so many world class art museums, and a community of high-caliber local artists, and we take advantage of these through field trips and special projects.

Performing arts offer another, deeply valuable opportunity to express oneself. Every year, students participate in a school-wide Winter Concert, where students perform as individual classes, as divisions, and as an entire school. Students learn to read music, play keyboards, master percussion instruments to reinforce rhythm skills, and to express themselves joyfully through music. They explore different instruments, the structural elements of all music, as well as specific genres like opera.

Older students participate in an annual musical, while younger students do smaller performances throughout the year. Theater, music, and performance are also integrated into other subjects, as well — literature, language, social studies, history, and even mathematics — allowing students to make deep and valuable cross-curricular connections.

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