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Cornelia Alden's picture

Cornelia Alden

Upper School History & English
B.A. Williams College
M. Ed. University of Washington

413-458-4680 x 36

Linda J.L. Becker's picture

Linda J.L. Becker

School Grammarian
A.B. Smith College
Ed. M. Harvard University


Linda Bernard's picture

Linda Bernard

Writing Coach
B.F.A. Herbert H. Lehman College CUNY


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Jerald Bope

Intermediate & Upper School Mathematics
B.S. University of Wyoming
Ph.D. University of Wyoming

413-458-4680 x 37

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Beth Callahan

B.S. Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
B.A. Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
M. Ed. Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

413-458-4680 x 41

Katherine Cummings's picture

Katherine Cummings

Grade 1
B.S. Johnson State College
M. Ed. Antioch

413-458-4680 x 42

Michelle Despard's picture

Michelle Despard

Music Specialist
B.M. Hartt School of Music University of Hartford
M.A. Rutgers University

413-458-4680 x 26

Monica Endres's picture

Monica Endres

ASK Coordinator
Fashion Institute of Technology


Natalie Harris's picture

Natalie Harris

Grade 3
B.S. University of Central Lancashire
M.S. Sarah Lawrence College

413-458-4680 x 44

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