Pine Cobble Alumni/ae Survey

Greetings, Pine Cobble alumni! We’re hoping to take one minute of your time — literally, a minute; we’ve even tested it with a stopwatch! — to make sure our records are up to date, and to get a sense of where you are and what you’re doing. If you’re open to it, your information can also help us build a stronger alumni network, allowing for more geographic and/or career-based networking. Prefer your information not be shared? We promise it will never be shared without your permission. If you’ve got a minute now (less than a minute, even!), why not get it done now? Questions? Contact Angela Hillman, Director of Development by e-mail or at 413-458-4680 X27 . We know how busy you are, so we appreciate your time. Ready, set, go.

*The Development Office respects your privacy. We will contact you if inquiries relate directly to your occupation. 

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